Henri Piquion

The opportunity to serve you and bring food to your doorstep is one privilege that we are greatful to have here at Cliffdoor. This is only made possible because of your trust and commitment to our vision which is to bring whatever dish you desire right when you want it. As basic as food is, it is an essential and indeed a paramount part of our everyday life to sustain the human race and provide the basic nutrition to keep us healthy. The world we live in is rapidly changing, and even with it's development a lot of families and children still live in abject poverty.

Here at Cliffdoor, we feel the need to change the narrative as much as we can, help kids get off the street and get an education, help families get decent meals, create job opportunities for parents whose sole desire is to provide for their families, help nursing mothers and their children get the right health care and meet as much needs as we can. All of this can only be made possible with YOU. Your donations will be of a great impact in reaching out to the less privileged, and every cent you donate to us at Cliffdoor creates a positive change, touches lives and changes situations. We implore you to help increase our capacity in this venture and together we can bring a difference to our society at large. Click on the donation page below and put a smile on your face knowing that you are doing right by your society.

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